A wonderful addition to your houseboat. Here are several styles of bars for you to choose from. You can choose the color of your counter top. Click here to see the counter top choices.
Item Measurements
Octagon Bar Includes two 36" wet bars with a footrest base and a grill bar. This bar could be customized to include a sink, refrigerator, ice maker, or doors. The ultimate addition to any houseboat.
Cresent Bar Great for smaller houseboat and can be fitted with doors.
7' x 3' x 39"
Wet Bar w/ Straight Base 30" top with straight base
36" top with straight base
Can come with or without a sink.
Wet Bar w/ Footrest Base 30" top with footrest base
36" top with footrest base
Can come with or without a sink.
Grill Bar Perfect for mounting an outdoor grill.
7' x 3' x 32"

Small 20"x27"
Large 28"x27"
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